About Women in Industrial

Founded 8 years ago, WIN has grown to include Australia’s leading institutional and private industrial property companies.

At WIN we offer employment, educational and networking opportunities for women interested in joining the dynamic Industrial property sector.

Leading by example, our founding companies actively support and promote diversity in industrial property – setting progressive standards for this rapidly evolving sector. Our diversity champions span all ages, gender and background to create an inclusive, welcoming place to work as a sector of choice for everyone.

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Our vision at Women in Industrial is to acknowledge and promote the positive impact women have within the industrial sector and in their respective organisations by providing a platform for women to expand their professional network and industry knowledge, ultimately promoting industrial property as a sector of choice.


Our focus areas include:

  • Attracting and retaining more women to leasing, transactions and property management roles in the Industrial agency sector
  • Increasing female participation in the industrial construction and project management sectors
  • Supporting the growth of women in technical disciplines such as engineering or supply chain management
  • Further expanding diversity of career opportunities within institutional owners, developers and managers of industrial
  • Promoting industrial as a career path of choice to high school and university students

Member organisations

  • 151 Property
  • CBRE
  • Charter Hall
  • Frasers Property Industrial
  • Goodman
  • The GPT Group
  • TMX
  • Vaughan Constructions
  • Realterm
  • ESR
  • Cushman Wakefield
  • Frank Knight