Get hands-on in industrial

Scholarships and graduate programmes are a great way to build your network and get hands-on industry experience at the very start of your career. Many of the leading industrial groups, including WIN founding companies, offer opportunities during and post your studies for you to experience the sector first hand.

Find out more about the range of student programmes offered by some of the largest companies in industrial as follows:

Opportunities 151 Property Charter Hall Goodman Frasers GPT LOGOS TMX Vaughan’s CBRE
Internships/paid work experience Y
Casual paid work to final year students incl access to employee benefits
Mentoring Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Graduate programs N Y Y Y Y N Y Y TBA
Eligibility Scholarship program (undergrad) Scholarship & Graduate program (undergrad) Scholarship & Graduate program
Scholarship & Graduate program
Graduate program (Construction / Property and Supply related course) Cadetships & 3 career development programs (Construction, Design & Estimating)
Timing Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane 8 month program TBC 2 years starts in February 1 year 12 month program Multi-year pathways
Location Sydney in partnership with UTS Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane Sydney in partnership with WSU Melbourne and Sydney Sydney & Melbourne
Remuneration $10,000 financial grant Paid Paid $10,000 financial grant
+ paid work experience option
Paid Paid
Apply Click here Email
  • 151 Property
  • CBRE
  • Charter Hall
  • Frasers Property Industrial
  • Goodman
  • The GPT Group
  • TMX
  • Vaughan Constructions
  • Realterm
  • ESR
  • Cushman Wakefield